Islamabad Police to maintain social media presence with new Facebook Pages

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Islamabad Police creates separate Facebook Pages for every Police Station in the capital city to enhance interaction between police and the community

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Social media presence may not reveal the quality of police department, but it can surely change people’s perception of their police department.

This is perhaps the idea behind Islamabad Police’s initiative of creating individual Facebook pages for every police station in the capital city.

The Facebook pages for all Islamabad police stations will share the latest information as well as contact numbers and pictures of Station House Officers (SHOs) and police officers of each police station. These social media pages would also post public awareness messages and other necessary information to facilitate citizens in Islamabad.

Facebook Pages help police departments join the conversation by sharing their stories and building a meaningful dialogue with citizens and constituents.

Social media pages would not only help assess the crime situation in the city but also evaluate police performance.

The initiative of active social media presence has been taken after Islamabad Police Inspector General Tariq Masood Yasin earlier directed all police stations to create own Facebook pages in order to enhance interaction between police and the community.

Mr. Tariq also emphasized better interaction with the public and swift registration of FIRs. He asked all SHOs, SDPOs, and zonal SPs to start using social media, particularly Facebook, to stay connected with the public.

He directed them to create Facebook pages for all police stations and share information with the public by giving precise and clear details of contact numbers and photos of SHOs and police officers posted there, besides other information and public awareness messages.

Earlier, the new Inspector General (IG) of Islamabad Police also promoted the use the instant messaging app, WhatsApp, among police officials to communicate with each other and community.

IG Islamabad is known as an avid social media user who utilizes both his official account and his personal account to share his initiatives for police reforms, community policing and updates about Islamabad Police.

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List and links of Facebook Pages of all Police Stations:

PS Aabpara –

PS Margalla –

PS Karachi Company –

PS Sihala –

PS Lohi Bher –

PS Nilor –

PS Koral –

PS Shehzad Town –

PS Khanna –

PS Noon –

PS Shams Colony –

PS Sabzi Mandi –

PS Industrial Area –

PS Shalimar –

PS Ramna –

PS Golra Sharif –

PS Tarnol –

PS Bara Kahu –

PS Bani Gala –

PS Secretariat –

PS Kohsar –

PS Women –

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