Japanese origin KP resident receives Commendation for services to Kalasha people

Akiko, who is a Japanese citizen, has been serving the people for the last thirty years  

President of Rumbur Development Welfare & Conservation Society Wada Akiko will receive the Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendations for 2020 for the contributions towards the promotion of mutual understanding between Japan and Pakistan. The Commendation is reserved for individuals and groups that play an essential part in various fields to strengthen Japan’s relations and other countries. Akiko is a Japanese citizen and lives in KP.

Akiko has worked selflessly and fully dedicated to the Kalasha people’s welfare in the KP province. She has been cooperating with the local people to improve their living environment and preserve their traditional culture for more than 30 years. She made contributions to the development of hygienic facilities to live in and provide educational opportunities for children. Also, She cooperated in the energy supply improvement project in Rumbur financed by the Japanese Government.

This year, the Commendations will be awarded to 172 individuals and 65 groups (20 individuals and 11 groups reside in Japan, and 152 individuals and 54 groups reside overseas).

Matsuda Kuninori, Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan, congratulated Ms. Wada upon her nomination for the Japanese Foreign Minister’s Commendation for 2020. “Heartfelt congratulations to Ms. Wada. This prestigious Commendation is the acknowledgment of her efforts and dedication towards the promotion of mutual understanding between Japan and Pakistan,” said the Ambassador. He also profoundly appreciated Wada’s services for the welfare and betterment of the Kalasha people in the KP province.

Japanese Government and non-government organizations have been active in helping Pakistan and its people in different ways. The Commendation is a proof of the friendship between the two countries is vital. We hope that more such individuals and groups are recognized for their positive impact.  

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