Tuesday, February 27, 2024

K2 gets internet as 4G tower installed at the base camp

The service will facilitate the climbers in reaching out to their families and contact teams in emergencies

In a bid to facilitate climbers from around the world, a 4G mobile tower has been erected at K2’s base camp. This will enhance the communication for the climbers who previously had to solely rely on satellite phones. The service will also help save lives in case of emergencies in expeditions to the world’s second tallest peak by saving precious time.

The tower is set by the Special Communication Organization (SCO), a part of the Ministry of Interior. The Government of Gilgit Baltistan had sought help from SCO in order to set up the service. In a statement, SCO said that the tower will help in better communication for the climbers and can prove to be a lifesaver in adverse situations.

“Our 4G reach is now in K2 base camp & Concordia glacier. The mobile coverage & internet access will prove to be a highly monumental & pivotal source for mountaineers and trekking groups to stay connected with their families and assist in emergency situations,” the company said.

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