Saturday, February 4, 2023

Lifebuoy partners with Sehat Kahani to offer free doctor consultation service to Pakistanis

The initiative would help improve people’s access to doctors

The hygiene soap brand Lifebuoy has partnered with leading telehealth provider Sehat Kahani to provide free doctor consultations across Pakistan.

The two companies announced at a signing ceremony held at Unilever Pakistan head office on June 21. This initiative stems from Lifebuoy’s lifelong purpose of saving lives by enabling and educating people on the importance of hygiene.

The vision of providing free healthcare access to every Pakistani compelled the two companies to work towards building a long-term infrastructure that enables free access to healthcare in collaboration with Sehat Kahani.

Lifebuoy will be spreading awareness of the free consultation service on TV, digital and nationwide distribution of their packs with the helpline number printed on each pack. This helpline is free of cost and accessible across Pakistan 24/7 with consultation available in both local and regional languages.

“For years, Lifebuoy has been more than just a bar of soap — it is a lifesaving product, offering superior germ protection and spreading awareness on the importance of hand hygiene. During the pandemic, Lifebuoy was the first brand to lead the message of washing hands regularly with any soap. The brand also partnered with numerous organizations to spread its message to consumers,” said Director Beauty and Personal Care at Unilever Pakistan, Asima Haq.

She added that Lifebuoy wants to enable access to good quality and affordable medical advice to millions across Pakistan.

“Currently, 50% of the population does not have access to doctors. With this partnership, Lifebuoy is fulfilling its promise and purpose of saving lives via providing free, 24/7 consultation with qualified doctors across Pakistan. This collaboration also enables female doctors who presently face limited career opportunities through flexible working models,” she said.

Dr Sara Saeed, CEO, Sehat Kahani while sharing her views on the partnership said that “Lifebuoy is a household and trusted name in Pakistan with a mission of strengthening the healthcare ecosystem by improved hand hygiene. Having ourselves associated with them is an honor for us and we look forward to providing free access to doctors across Pakistan through this partnership.”

Sehat Kahani is a telemedicine platform that leverages technology to connect patients in need of affordable and convenient healthcare options to an online network of doctors across various specializations.

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