Movie Review: Dobara Phir Se is all about love, friendship and heartbreaks

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Dobara Phir Se is a breath of fresh air for Pakistani cinema and a surprising delight for the young audiences

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The latest Pakistani movie working its magic in cinemas is Dobara Phir Se – an emotional drama about relationships in the modern times.

The movie will surprise Pakistani movie-goers as the story is different from the stereotype local films for a very obvious reason that the movie has been directed by Mehreen Jabbar.

Mehreen is a Pakistani ­ American director/producer with 20 year experience in the industry. Her hard-hitting films and TV series have earned her both critical and commercial success. She is best known for her film Ramchand Pakistani and TV dramas such as Jackson Heights, Kahaniyan, Doraha, Malaal and Daam.

The movie boasts a cast of Pakistan’s young and beloved TV stars, Adeel Hussain, Hareem Farooq, Sanam Saeed, Ali Kazmi, Shazz Khan and Tooba Siddiqui who have played their parts reasonably well.

Dobara Phir Se tells a simple story about the inadequacies and complications of modern-day love and relationships. The film is actually boy-meets-girl kind of story, but it isn’t really as simple as that.

The story revolves around Hammad (Adeel) who plays a bachelor living in New York and is friends with Samar (Sanam) and her boyfriend Vassay (Ali). Through Samar, he is introduced to Natasha (Tooba) and Zainab (Hareem). Zainab, an illustrator by profession, is in a troubled marriage. In the environs of New York, as the story slowly progresses, Hammad and Zainab come closer. However, Hammad struggles with his feelings for Zainab and his relationship with Natasha.


The movie politely deals with the subject and complexities of divorce in the present day. As we see Zainab going through the post-divorce life tantrums — the financial struggle, single parent issues and sparring over her son’s upbringing with the ex-husband, and her own regret and confusion about the new man in her as well as her child’s life. Moosa Rabbani has played the character of Zaid, depicting the difficult childhood of kids whose parents are not on good terms.

However, Zainab’s marital status is not an issue or highlight in this romance drama. It simply shrugs off the stereotype views of divorced women in Pakistani society. The film is rather more focused on introducing the idea in people’s minds that there is life and love after divorce. The relationship between the couples and between the parent and child is beautifully depicted.

There are few apparent shortcomings though. Despite taking a deeper look at relationships, Dobara Phir Se lacks interesting characters, intelligent dialogue and exciting sequences to make it big. This modern-day story of young folks dealing with love, friendship and heartbreak could touch hearts and minds if only there was a charming narrative, cultivated characters and meaningful dialogue.

Perhaps, it was supposed to be a slow, steady and casual drama with no big apex moment. As Mehreen also says, “I think Dobara Phir Se is a simple story about relationships that can get complicated. We cover some important themes in the film, but overall it has a lightness of touch to it.”

Nevertheless, the film is beautifully and brilliantly shot. Filmed in New York, it has captured various seasons and colors of the world’s top city with zest which makes the product comparable to the best in Hollywood.

Hareem Farooq, Adeel Husain, Ali Kazmi and Sanam Saeed - the cast of Dobara Phir Se.
Hareem Farooq, Adeel Husain, Ali Kazmi and Sanam Saeed – the cast of Dobara Phir Se.

The actors have emerged out of their TV drama characters seamlessly. Adeel Husain evidently comes out as a matured person who has too much on his plate. Model-turned-actress Tooba Siddiqui looks elegant while Sanam Saeed’s surprise performance is beautiful indeed. Hareem Farooq shines as the female lead, divorcee and mother of a child – allowing audiences to witness an array of emotions. Shaz Khan has again impressed with his strong and passionate acting. Ali Kazmi finally makes his film debut with a dazzling performance. Eminent actress Atiqa Odho, who plays mother-in-law to Hareem, is brilliant as ever.

The background score of the movie by Haniya Aslam and the classic songs by music composers and singers including, Vishal Bharadwaj, Rekha, Shiraz Uppal, Jimmy Khan, Ali Hamza, Arooj Aftab and Haniya adds just the right rhythm to the movie.

Overall, Dobara Phir Se is a breath of fresh air for Pakistani cinema and a surprising delight for the young audiences.

If you are planning to hit the cinemas this weekend, then do watch Dobara Phir Se and witness the shift in our local movie industry.

Sana Jamal
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