‘Nomadic Voyage of Colours’ opens in Islamabad

A colorful exhibition of unique clay and wood artifacts has been arranged by the Nomad Art Gallery to gratify the art lovers of the twin cities. The show titled ‘Nomadic Voyage of Colours’ by Bina Ali, will showcase a wide range of artistic hand-made products including hand-painted tile-inlay furniture, artifacts, hand painted wooden vessels, jewelry, wall-hangings, mirrors etc.


‘Nomadic Voyage of Colours’ will prove to be no less than a short trip to a local village allowing the visitors to experience the feel of a local town through hand-made clay and wood artifacts which are the innovative creation of Artel (meaning a group of craftsmen) by Bina Ali. The interesting fact is that the delicate and multi-coloured art pieces with an ethnic touch are not only aesthetically appealing but can also serve as household items. “Through this exhibition, Artel aims to increase the utility purpose of the artifacts along with the artistic appeal” informed Bina.
The designing on the mirrors, jewelry and vessels all seem like an assortment of old as well as modern artwork because Bina has combined the skills of old craftsmen with the innovative ideas of the young artists to get the desired result i.e. a mixture of old and new artwork.“I have a team of boys and girls as the backbone of ARTEL while I have also managed to encourage generations old artisans (potters and carpenters)” explained Bina.
Artel has introduced a new imension in hand-painted pottery by using colours of ethnic origin while the motifs were derived from various civilizations including Islamic art.
Artel was established in 1995 when a group of friends gathered over vacations to work and exhibit a different type of work but “as other friends ventured off in their careers, in 2000, I took it up as a full time work and Artel became Artel by Bina Ali” told Bina who has been associated with clay artwork for more than 8 years.
Explaining the objective behind the project, Bina said that she aimed “to formulate a team comprising of off-the-street youth, give them a skill and a meaningful means of livelihood.”Artel products are available in all major cities and in Islamabad the products are stocked at Nomad Gallery’s crafts section.

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