Friday, January 27, 2023

Pakistan, Australia agree to ease trade rules

Pakistan and Australia have agreed to revise trade rules and collaborate on easing trade regulations for the import and export of fruits and agro-products.

This was decided on Monday in a meeting between Minister for National Food Security and Research Syed Fakhar Imam and Australian Trade Commissioner in Pakistan John Cavanaghon in Islamabad, according to a statement issued on Monday.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Imam said that due to strict trade regulations Pakistan is exporting a limited amount of mangoes and citrus fruits to Australia. The minister informed the Australian trade commissioner that Pakistan has huge export potential in terms of vegetables and fruits such as mango, citrus fruits, and apple cherries.

Pakistan’s export of mangoes to Australia grew from 110,000 tonnes to 142,000 tonnes in the last year, adding that with little effort and focus this could be increased manifold. Moreover, the export of citrus fruit from Pakistan has increased from 350,000 tonnes to approximately 460,000 tonnes in just one year, said Imam. To increase the export of citrus fruits to Australia, the two countries agreed to collaborate on eliminating the citrus canker disease.

The Australian trade commissioner committed to providing technical agricultural training to Pakistani farmers to strengthen the quality of human resources. Mr. Cavanaghon said that upgrading technology and human resource is the key to revolutionizing the agriculture sector.

“Transfer of agro-technology through private sector coordination of both countries can take the agro-economy of Pakistan forward,” the trade commissioner added. He also agreed to enhance agricultural research through the transfer of quality human resources to research institutes of the country.

Mr. Imam proposed that technological exchange between the two countries can enhance the agricultural sector of Pakistan. He also stressed the need to import agro-technology and upgrade human resources in the agriculture sector of Pakistan.

The minister further said that the two countries should enhance their relationship in regard to agro-economy especially by enhancing bilateral trade and transferring agro-technology.

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