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Pakistan bans New Year’s Eve celebrations in solidarity with Palestine

Caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan Anwarul Haq Kakar announced a comprehensive ban on New Year celebrations as a gesture of solidarity for the Palestinian people amidst the continuous bombing of the Gaza Strip by Israel.

In response to the October 7 attack of Hamas, Israel’s persistent air raids, and ground invasion involving troops and tanks, have resulted in the deaths of at least 21,320 individuals, predominantly women and children. Additionally, 55,603 people have been reported wounded, according to Gaza’s health ministry.

In a national address, PM Kakar stated, “In light of the alarming situation in Palestine, there will be a strict government ban on any New Year events to show solidarity.” He urged the nation to exhibit sobriety and humility on New Year, in solidarity with the Palestinian people.

The prime minister stated that Israeli forces “crossed all limits of violence and injustice” causing the deaths of over 21,000 Palestinians. Additionally, approximately 9,000 children have tragically lost their lives since the commencement of Israeli bombardment on Palestine.

“The whole Pakistani nation and the Muslim world are in a sheer state of anguish over the massacre of innocent children and genocide of unarmed Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.”

Kakar emphasized that Pakistan has consistently raised the concerns of the Palestinian people on every available global platform and affirmed the nation’s commitment to continue these efforts in the future to halt the Israeli bloodshed.

Pakistan dispatches aid packages to Palestine

Two aid packages have been dispatched to Palestine, with talks underway for additional aid and evacuations in collaboration with Jordan and Egypt, the PM told.

Separately, Pakistan’s military leadership echoed solidarity with Palestinians, condemning the “serious human rights violations and war crimes” committed by the Israeli military.

The military reiterated the government’s call for an immediate ceasefire and a peaceful resolution to the crisis.

Sharjah also bans New Year’s Eve celebrations

The ban on New Year’s Eve fireworks extended beyond Pakistan, with Sharjah, the third-largest emirate in the UAE, also prohibiting celebrations as a sincere expression of solidarity with Gazans.

Sharjah police announced the decision in a Facebook post on December 26 while stating that legal measures would be taken against those found violating the ban.

The ban is “a sincere expression of solidarity and humanitarian cooperation with our siblings in the Gaza Strip,” Sharjah police said in the post.

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