Indonesia introduces 5-Year multi-entry Tourist Visa to boost Tourism

Indonesia has announced the issuance of 5-year Multiple-Entry Visas D1 and D2, aimed at enhancing the ease of entry for foreigners engaging in both business and tourism activities within Indonesia.

Under this new policy, announced by the Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration (DGI) on December 20, foreigners can opt for the Multiple-Entry Visa with index D1 for tourism-related endeavors, while the D2 index is specifically designed for business purposes. Notably, both visa types grant a stay of up to 60 days per arrival, providing flexibility for international travelers.

The visa application process has been streamlined to a user-friendly online process accessible through the official website at “” Payment for the visa, which amounts to $972 (IDR 15,000,000) for a five-year validity period, can be conveniently made using a credit card.

Director General of Immigration Silmy Karim highlighted the simplicity of the application process, stating, “This Multiple-Entry Visa offers convenience for foreigners with high mobility.”

The visa holders can explore various parts of the country, visit family and friends, and participate in events and meetings during their stay.

However, it’s essential to note that the visa is strictly for tourism and business purposes, and holders are prohibited from seeking employment in Indonesia. Violating these terms may result in fines, deportation, or legal charges.

In a broader context, Indonesia is actively revising its visa policies to attract more foreign visitors. The government is contemplating lifting visa requirements for 20 countries, including Australia, India, China, the UK, and the US, among others. This initiative aims to bolster the country’s travel and tourism industry.

To further facilitate foreign visitors, Indonesia has implemented an online visa application policy starting January 2023. This eliminates the need for applicants to visit Indonesian representative offices abroad, contributing to the gradual recovery of foreign nationals entering the country.

As of December 8, 2023, Indonesia has already welcomed 9,869,348 foreign tourists, surpassing the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy’s target for the year.

Director General Silmy expressed optimism about the positive impact of the new visa policy, aligning with the government’s commitment to digitalization.

“We are optimistic that with this new visa policy, there will be more foreign nationals visiting Indonesia in line with the ease of online visa applications launched in early 2023,” he stated.

The Directorate General of Immigration’s focus on facilitating online visa applications aligns with the broader global trend, as seen in countries like Australia and Europe.

“The President’s direction is clear, that digitalization is a solution to make services faster, easier, and better,” Silmy emphasized.

Zakhia Irfan
Zakhia is a dedicated journalist who loves to read and travel. She covers all aspects of aviation and travel news for Islamabad Scene.

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