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Pakistan commemorates 56th Defense Day

Pakistan is commemorating the 56th Defence Day today with traditional zest to pay tribute to the Ghazis and heroes of the 1965 war against India and to pay homage to the martyrs of the war.

In a statement, Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “my message on this day to the valiant Armed Forces is that together we have come a long way in the struggle for making Pakistan’s defense strong and impregnable.”

“Our resilient nation and battle-hardened Armed Forces have time and again proved that we are fully capable of defending the country and ready to meet any kind of eventuality,” he added.

Prime Minister vows on Defense Day to keep exposing radicalized India to world

Imran Khan further said that it is due to the proactive and timely response of Pakistan’s security forces, that India today stands exposed before the international community for its efforts to hamper regional peace, especially with reference to Pakistan.

“The world must hold India accountable for its rogue behavior,” urged PM Khan, adding that Pakistan will keep exposing the real face of radicalized India.

“Our desire for peace must not be misconstrued as weakness,” reiterated Imran Khan, adding that “it must be reciprocated for sake of economic wellbeing and peoples’ prosperity in the entire region.”

He further said that it is due to his government’s proactive diplomacy that the world community is now persuaded that the “persecution of minorities across India and the violence against innocent Kashmiris” in the Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJK) must end immediately.

President Arif Alvi pays homage to heroes of the 1965 war

Paying tribute to the heroes of the 1965 war, President Arif Alvi said,

“I pay homage to the soldiers and officers who displayed the highest degree of valor and sacrificed their lives for the country’s defense.”

The president further said that “I am confident that the spirit of 6th September makes us stand firm and steadfast against all odds.”

Today Pakistan is actively fighting a hybrid war being waged against the country, said President Alvi in a statement. He commended the security agencies for their relentless efforts towards exposing the covert activities of India.

The 1965 War

On September 6, 1965, when India initiated an undeclared war against Pakistan, the valiant heroes of Pakistan fought fearlessly against the enemy and not only defended its territory but also occupied 1,617 square miles of Indian Territory. The Pakistan Army had also captured 20 Indian officers, 19 junior Indian commissioned officers and 569 other ranks.

The war concluded on September 22 with a ceasefire.

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