Pakistan Railways to shift its network to solar power

Pakistan Railways is all set to switch all field formations, including stations, offices, workshops, and factories, to solar power in a bid to reduce mounting expenditures and mitigate losses.

In the initial phase, Pakistan Railways said it intends to shift 99 formations, encompassing major railway stations, nine divisional headquarters, and several other crucial offices, to operate exclusively on solar energy. The transition to solar power is projected to yield estimated savings of up to Rs1.8 billion during its first phase alone. Subsequent phases will extend this transition to an increasing number of stations, offices, and associated facilities.

“We will prioritize the shift to solar power for our railway network, with Nespak serving as our consultant in this endeavor,” Pakistan Railways Chairman Mazhar Ali Shah said at a recent meeting of concerned authorities. “By transitioning in Phase 1, we anticipate saving Rs1.8 billion,” he added.

In this initial phase, 99 locations have been identified for solarization, with a total capacity of 33.326 megawatts set to be established. Chairman Shah emphasized the need for timely project completion, warning against any delays.

“To ensure effective coordination, PR and Nespak have appointed focal persons,” he said.

The meeting also featured a briefing on the track machine rehabilitation project, underscoring the organization’s commitment to improving railway infrastructure.

Shah also convened a meeting with the steering committees responsible for the enterprise resource planning (ERP) project. He urged the committees to ensure the comprehensive registration of all machinery, parts, and components within the ERP system.

Ban on use of air-conditioners (ACs)

In a bid to conserve energy and reduce costs, he directed officers to refrain from using air-conditioning (AC) before 11 a.m. daily.

Following these discussions, Pakistan Railways CEO Shahid Aziz, presiding over a separate meeting, imposed a ban on the use of ACs by all officers before 11 a.m. daily. This measure aligns with Pakistan Railways’ broader goal of optimizing resources and addressing the energy challenges plaguing the organization.

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