Friday, January 27, 2023

Pakistan slams Indian media claims of Panjshir involvement as ‘complete rubbish’

Pakistan on Wednesday strongly refuted Indian media claims about its involvement in the victory of the Taliban in Panjshir Valley, calling it “complete rubbish”.

Talking to BBC World News on Wednesday, Minister for Information and Broadcasting Chaudhary Fawad Hussain said the Indian media used video games to demonstrate Pakistan’s role in the Panjshir attack. He termed the Indian media reports as a ‘pack of lies.’

“Actions attributed to Pakistan by Indian media are inspired by their film industry, and their talk shows create these stories. This is how marketing agencies work in India,” claimed Fawad.

The rapid rise of power by the Taliban in Afghanistan as well as the recently fallen Pajnshir Valley gave rise to a huge bulk of misinformation by the Indian media. Journalists from around the globe ridiculed Indian media for spreading baseless and fake information against Pakistani forces.

Taliban announced the capture of Panjshir on Monday. However, despite repeated refutations, fake news about the military involvement of Pakistan in Afghanistan continued to rise in the Indian media.

Advisor to Prime Minister on National Security Dr. Moeed Yusuf also slammed Indian media for spreading lies.

Indian media used video game clip as exclusive footage:

On Monday The Indian news channels Zee Hindustan and Republic TV aired footage of a plane being shot down, claiming that it was a visual from the military conflict going on in Panjshir between Taliban and resistance fighters. They claimed it as real-time footage of a Pakistan Air Force jet flying over Panjshir. The video was actually a clip from the famous video game “ARMA 3.”

International journalists as well as some saner Indian journalists mocked the Indian media calling them “clowns” for using even video game recording and portraying it as real-time footage of Pakistani jets.

Indian news shares video of Wales claiming it is Afghanistan:

In another footage shared by the Times Now allegedly a Pakistani fighter jet was shown hovering over Panjshir valley. The Indian channel used the clip to accuse Pakistan of a “full-fledged invasion” in the valley helping the Taliban against Northern Alliance. However, the UK Defence Journal exposed the claim, saying that it was an American F-15 jet flying over Welsh valleys in the United Kingdom.

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