Pakistan to receive 20 million doses of CanSino COVID vaccine

Pakistan has been a part of the phase III trials for the vaccine with efficacy results due in a few days

CanSino Biologics Inc., one of the Chinese pharmaceutical companies working on coronavirus vaccine offered 20 million shots of its vaccine to Pakistan. The efficacy results will be released shortly for the Phase III trials for the vaccine. About 17,500 vaccinations were administered in Pakistan during the trials after an initial plan of 10,000. The availability of the vaccine is crucial since Pakistan is suffering from a second wave of the coronavirus that has left thousands dead with many getting infected every day.

Technical adviser at AJM Pharma Pvt., the local partner of CanSino, Hasan Abbas Zaheer said that Pakistan will get preferential prices as well as access to the single shot vaccine. 25% of the vaccine cost will be cut simply through filling of vials locally in Pakistan, as per reports. A request for the approval of the vaccine is already filed with the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP).

Zaheer said during an interview that Pakistan is already late in booking the highly in demand vaccine. He was, however, confident that Pakistan can secure its vaccine once it books them. He expected that CanSino will deliver to Pakistan before any other major manufacturer.

“We need to keep in mind that this coronavirus vaccine is a very scarce commodity, highly in demand and you know the other countries many months ago started the advance booking, we also need to do the same, we are already late on that,” said Zaheer. “Once Pakistan does a booking, we will be in a position to know the delivery. I am sure the delivery will be much before other manufacturers.”

The government of Pakistan earlier booked 1.2 million doses of the SinoPharm vaccine, a state-backed pharmaceutical company in China. The deliveries for these vaccines will begin as early as January 31st. China has also announced that it will gift Pakistan half a million doses to Pakistan.

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