Friday, January 27, 2023

Pakistani startup promoting local tech talent gets $1.4M in seed funding

RemoteBase is looking to help Pakistani software engineers and developers in getting international opportunities

A Pakistani technology startup named RemoteBase has raised $1.4 million in seed funding by Pakistan-based Indus Valley Capital and US billionaire Tim Draper. The startup aims to help Pakistani software engineers and developers get international exposure and also finds, hires, trains, and places Pakistani software engineers and developers in Silicon Valley companies.

The founder of RemoteBase, Qasim Asad Salam, said the company was looking to help the local talent compete at the international level with the right guidance and providing them with the right opportunities.

“Pakistani talent has always amazed me. Engineers from Pakistan are on par with the best engineers in the world. They just don’t have the right guidance or the right opportunities. With Remotebase, we want to change that”, Salam said.

Salam also said that his company was looking to disrupt the current situation when it comes to remote work in Pakistan. He said that Pakistan is an ideal place to start such a business when people are driven to offer better work and have the required talent and skills to grow.  

“RemoteBase is all set to completely disrupt how work is done. Being a remote worker for most of my life I was always passionate about enabling people to build companies entirely in the cloud and giving them access to top talent from all around the globe. Where better to start the company from than Pakistan, a country where I have personally witnessed an immense amount of talent, and super hungry individuals just looking for opportunities to learn and grow,” he added.

Investors pose confidence

The company certainly has earned the confidence of the investors who believe that the company help the talent in Pakistan and will help boost the technical expertise available locally. Aatif Awan, Managing Partner at Indus Valley Capital believes that the startup can have a big impact on the local resources.

“Remotebase is a crucial piece of the puzzle for the Pakistani tech ecosystem to earn its well-deserved place in the world. As tech companies go remote, Remotebase can help Pakistani talent fulfill this demand and gain experience with the best startups around the world. Over time this will also materially increase the supply of experienced tech professionals in the country, benefiting all local companies. We’re thrilled about our mission alignment with Remotebase and are excited to back them,” Awan said.

A growing startup scene

Pakistan has a lot of potential when it comes to the local startup scene with investors, both local and overseas, investing in different ventures. In the last couple of years, some of the local companies have boosted several million dollars in seed funding as they come up with novel ideas that perfectly fill gaps in the local market. A local company pushing Pakistani talent forward, competing against the international players can help bring much-needed economic activity to the country.

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