Pakistan’s first electric bike-sharing service launched

Roamer Technologies and Jazz have partnered for the service that will be available in Islamabad

Roamer Technologies and Jazz xlr8 startup ezBike have partnered to launch Pakistan’s first electric bike sharing service. The launch took place at the national incubation center. A number of dignitaries were present at the occasion.

Electric bikes will be available in different parts of the city which travelers can locate and use with the help of an app. The bikes will use Jazz Sims to stay connected with the app. The rates for the service are also quite reasonable with five rupees for unlocking the bike and five rupees per minute used onwards. Anyone running any errands with the bike not in use can indicate on the app and will be charged two rupees per minute. The service will be especially useful for travelers looking for short trips to nearby locations.   

Mohammad Hadi, CEO of Roamer Technologies, shed light on the importance of such a service in Pakistan where only a small part of the population owns a vehicle. “Only 10% of the Pakistani population owns a vehicle and mobility is still a largely unsolved problem. With ezBike we are providing access to shared vehicles to every individual in Pakistan. This is the next wave of disruption in mobility. It will be the most cost-effective, convenient, and environmentally-friendly mode of transportation in Pakistan,” Hadi said.

Amin-ul-Haque, Minister of Information Technology, said: “It is a proud moment for Pakistan that innovative companies like ezBike are being launched in Pakistan. The future of Pakistan is in information technology and without creating new technologies in Pakistan, Pakistan cannot progress into the future. Electric vehicle technology is the biggest game changer for the mobility market and our government will support startups that want to leverage this technology,” the minister said.  

He alsp appreciated Jazz for the initiative and helping startups to work on such ideas. “We would also like to acknowledge the role of Jazz in supporting the startup eco-system through the National Incubation Center and Jazz xlr8 enabling startups to scale effectively,” Amin said.

Salma Khan
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