Pakistan’s influencer marketing platform Walee takes charge of Snack Video Pakistan

Pakistan’s leading influencer marketing and social commerce platform Walee has officially taken over the operational management of the Snack Video Pakistan platform.

Walee is one of the largest creator economy players in the Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan, and Pakistan (MENAP) region.

This strategic move solidifies Walee’s dominance in digital content, live-streaming, AdTech, and gaming services and also heralds a new era for the creator economy in the region.

Founded in November 2019, Walee has rapidly become Pakistan’s leading influencer marketing and social commerce platform. With over 150,000 influencers and 5,000 merchants, Walee operates across nearly 300 cities in Pakistan.

Unparalleled digital experiences for Pakistanis

Muhammad Ahsan Tahir, Group CEO of Walee, expressed his vision for this transformative journey.

“This takeover signifies a quantum leap in our capabilities, allowing us to bring unparalleled digital experiences to Pakistan. Our focus will be on leveraging Snack Video’s dynamic platform to introduce cutting-edge content, advanced AdTech solutions, and immersive gaming experiences. We are particularly excited about integrating Augmented Reality features, offering an unmatched branding experience to advertisers and brands in Pakistan,” Tahir said.

Headquartered in Islamabad with six offices across four countries, the company is distinguished by its compliance and corporate governance, being the first and only MarTech player in Pakistan to secure six ISO certifications.

Commenting on the partnership, Owen (秦扬), Head of South Asia and Southeast Asia at Snack Video, said the move embodies innovation and user empowerment.

Owen said that Snack Video is proud to partner with Walee which enjoys an “influential position and trust within media touchpoints, especially among Gen Z and Alpha audiences.” Walee’s commitment to democratizing storytelling and supporting a wide spectrum of creators aligns with Snack Video’s vision for the future of digital content.

Snack Video Pakistan
Snack video short video app. (Image Credit: Gizmologi)

Highlights of Walee Takeover of Snack Video Pakistan

  • Exclusive Operational Rights: Walee Technologies now exclusively operates Snack Video Pakistan, covering content operation, commercialization, live streaming revenue, and marketing rights.
  • Innovative Features: Walee is set to introduce Augmented Reality features and the latest in digital content, AdTech, streaming technology, and user monetization, offering Pakistani audiences globally-recognized advanced features.
  • Enhanced Branding and Advertising: Walee, with its unique Data Management Platform, promises hyper-targeted advertising, exceptional contextual marketing, and enhanced campaign monitoring, setting new standards in the advertising realm.
  • Commitment to the Creator Economy: Walee’s investment aims to empower both digital and analog creators, addressing challenges in the media supply chain and fostering inclusive growth.

Snack Video Features

Snack Video is a Singapore-based short video platform owned by Kuaishou Technology, a Chinese tech company. In China, the video platform is known as Kwai, and in Pakistan and Indonesia, it is known as Snack Video.

  • Snack Video is a social platform where users can create and share videos on the platform. The platform is famous for funny videos, entertainment, and more.
  • Kuaishou is among the top 5 billion-user internet companies globally
  • Snack Video has over 250 million content creators.

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