Pakistan’s largest Ferris wheel to be installed in Islamabad soon

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is all set to install the ‘Islamabad eye’, Pakistan’s largest Ferris wheel in Lake View Park, Islamabad.

 “CDA is all set to launch another entertainment initiative for the citizens. Pakistan’s largest Ferris Wheel with a height of about 180 feet has been planned for installation at the Lake View Park,” the local agency said in a press release.

The initiative is ready to go almost ten years after its initial announcement, according to a CDA spokeswoman.

In the imminent meeting, the fully prepared PC-I of the project will be presented before CDA’s Development Working Party (DWP).

“Phase-II of the park stalled for over a decade is now being developed. The CDA chairman has directed the environment wing to submit the PC-I for approval at the earliest,” the PR added.

The park along with scenic views will also have huge walls with 2-D images showing the different pictorials of the largest migration of history. Work is going on at a very fast pace and the park will be inaugurated on 23 March 2022.

A CDA official said that the agency plans to construct an extension of the Lake View Park, and its PC-I has already been prepared. “The PC-I for another project, BharaKahu Park, would also be placed before the meeting upcoming meeting of the DWP,” he said.

The park along with other features will have a special section for children and ladies. Some of the other prominent features include a water sports area, a walking track, a mini-golf course, kids playing gadgets,a forest area and exercise units.

A decade ago, CDA had announced to build a Ferris wheel in F-9 Park, Islamabad. Later, the authorities said it would be installed at Malpur. However, the project could not be implemented.

“In the past, CDA’s financial health was not good; therefore, it could not translate into reality. But this time around, we have sufficient funds and will install the Ferris wheel in Lake View Park,” said the official.

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