PM calls for revisiting master plan of Islamabad

PM Imran Khan urges to revisit the master plan of Islamabad city to keep up with the requirements of the growing population

As Islamabad’s population grows, actions are needed to improve the city’s infrastructure, municipal utilities and green spaces to make the city livable for its residents.

To keep up with the requirements of the growing population, Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday has emphasized for revisiting the master plan of Islamabad city.

During a meeting regarding the master plan of Islamabad in Islamabad on Friday, the Prime Minister said that in the interim period, sub-rules should immediately be framed for the protection of the capital’s green areas and regularize the construction activities.

He said that the new plan will focus on areas to provide better civic facilities to the citizens and improve their standards of living. He added that work is in progress to provide better residential facilities to the dwellers of slums in Islamabad under Naya Pakistan Housing Project.

Imran Khan regretted that problems relating to increasing in population, expansion of the city and its better management were totally ignored in the past that resulted in irregular construction.

The new master plan is expected to improve these elements of urban development: schools, hospitals, transport and communications, workplaces, parks, public spaces, sporting facilities, culture clubs and societies, entertainment areas as well as space for municipal utilities

In December 2018, a commission was formed to complete the task of first-ever revision of the master plan within six months by July 13 deadline. The government had directed that the new members should include architects, town planners, horticulturists, lawyers, environmentalist, engineers and representatives of the business community.

The Islamabad master plan was developed in 1960 by a Greek firm Doxiadis Associates, which was supposed to be revised after every 20 years, but no efforts were made by previous governments that resulted in poor planning.

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