Thursday, March 23, 2023

PM Imran Khan vows to fight as court rules against him

PTI members term the court’s ruling similar to a “judicial coup”

Prime Minister Imran Khan, who faces a likely exit through a controversial no-confidence vote, has announced to fight back even after the country’s top court ruled against him.

“My message to our nation is I have always and will continue to fight for Pakistan till the last ball,” PM Khan said on Twitter. The embattled leader also summoned a meeting of the federal cabinet as well as of the PTI lawmakers to chalk out a future course of action.

On April 7, Pakistan’s Supreme Court ruled that the president’s move to dissolve Parliament on Khan’s recommendation was unconstitutional and ordered the National Assembly to be restored.

Members of Khan’s government denounced the Supreme Court’s decision to quash the prime minister’s effort to block the no-confidence vote.

“A judicial coup happened last night … ending parliamentary supremacy!” Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari said on Twitter.

The PM is also scheduled to address the nation on Friday evening in which, some suggest, he could lay bare the details of the document linked to foreign conspiracy and attempts of regime change in Pakistan.

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