Punjab cabinet approves plan to provide 10,000 E-Bikes to students

The Punjab Caretaker Cabinet has approved the provision of 7,000 electric bikes to male students and 3,000 to female students on interest-free terms through The Bank of Punjab, amid efforts to combat the growing smog issue.

The decision, taken in the Punjab cabinet’s 40th session chaired by Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi on February 13, underscores the Punjab government’s commitment to sustainable transportation solutions as the province struggles to tackle environmental challenges, especially concerning air quality.

By offering e-bikes on easy terms, the cabinet aims to encourage the adoption of eco-friendly modes of transportation among students, to reduce pollution levels and mitigate the impact of smog.

Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi also appreciated the provincial police, administration, and law enforcement agencies for playing their role in ensuring the peaceful conduct of the general elections on February 8. He lauded their diligence in maintaining law and order, which enabled voters to exercise their democratic rights in a tranquil atmosphere.

Naqvi also emphasized the provincial government’s commitment to providing immediate relief to people and expressed satisfaction with the team’s performance in dedicating themselves to serving the general public to the best of their abilities.

Other approved initiatives

In addition to the electric bike initiative, the cabinet approved various other initiatives aimed at enhancing public services and governance.

  • Approved formation of an appellate committee for the Punjab Charity Commission was endorsed, signaling a commitment to improving oversight and accountability in charitable activities.
  • Allocated funds for the establishment of business facilitation centers, aimed at streamlining procedures and supporting entrepreneurial endeavors in the province.
  • Approved the installation of automated external defibrillators in Rescue 1122 ambulances. This measure is expected to enhance the emergency response capabilities of the ambulance service, particularly in cases of heart attacks where prompt treatment is critical.
  • Appointed chairpersons of drug courts in key cities, furthering efforts to combat substance abuse and ensure access to justice for affected individuals.

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