Security personnel sacrifice their Eid for others

Originally Published in Pakistan Observer (Nov. 20, 2010)
Sana Jamal
While the whole nation celebrated their Eid by sacrificing animals and enjoying Eid with their families, thousands of security forces and policemen had to spend their holidays on duties remaining alert against a possible terror threat.

On Eid-ul-Azha (Festival of Sacrifice), the guardians of the nation had to sacrifice their Eid for others as Eid holidays of police personnel and officials were cancelled because they were directed to remain on duty to prevent any unforeseen mishap.

Men in blue uniforms in Islamabad were present vigilant at all important intersections of the city keeping a check on almost all vehicles passing ensuring the possible safety of the citizens. These precautionary measures were part of the comprehensive security plan chalked out by the local administration and police due to fear of terrorism to avoid any unpleasant incident.

Moved by the spirit of our policemen a taxi driver Rizwan ul haq said “These are our unsung heroes who leave no stone unturned for our security.”

As the Interior Ministry had directed Islamabad police to remain on high alert during Eid holidays, security was enhanced around the city especially in the vicinities of all mosques, imam bargahs, airport, entry and exit points, bus stands and other public places.

“We have obtained records of all hotels and guest houses and are investigating the record and details of those who have been staying in these places for over a month,” a senior security official said.

On festivities such as Eid when the capital city literally turns into a ghost city presenting a deserted look, the duties of the police officials increase by manifold to keep a watchful eye on any foreseen misfortune as well as to guard the citizens.

Interior Minister Rehman A Malik recalled the priceless services of the martyred policemen on Eid day. Malik called on the grieved families of the policemen killed in terrorists attack in Police Lines Islamabad, extended support and also pledged to help the family members of deceased police personnel.

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