Sharmeen Obaid speaks up on her controversial ‘harassment tweet’

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My tweet wasn’t meant to suggest privilege: Sharmeen Obaid breaks silence on harassment claim

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Filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy has finally broken silence on her ‘controversial tweets’.

A few days back she expressed outrage on Twitter against her sister’s doctor for ‘harassing’ her by sending a friend request to her sibling on Facebook, which sparked a debate on social media.

She termed the incident ‘harassment’ and said she will take action against it. This resulted in the doctor being fired.

Sharmeen’s tweets have since created outcry on social media in Pakistan, with some questioning the term ‘harassment’ and some calling out the Oscar-winner for abusing her privilege and power as a filmmaker.

Now, the Oscar-winner has broken her silence on the matter with a statement posted on Twitter.

In her response posted on Twitter earlier today, she wrote: “My recent tweets about a doctor’s inappropriate behaviour has drawn much comment and controversy. The conversation has unfortunately steered far from the safety of women, unchecked unethical practices & harassment.”

This is the full statement of Sharmeen on Twitter:

She further added, “My tweet about the wrong women in the wrong family was not meant to suggest a sense of privilege or power, what I meant to say was that the women in my family are strong and stand up for themselves and always have.”

Do you consider a Facebook friend request to be a form of ‘harassment’? Tell us in the comments.

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