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Thai Cultural performance mesmerize the audiences

Thai performer present an enchanting performance.

Islamabad- To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Thailand and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, a magnificent Thai Cultural show was arranged at Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA).

His Excellency, Mr. Marut Jitpatima, Ambassador of Thailand to Pakistan was the chief guest of the occasion.

He noted that “there is plenty of historical evidence that can confirm that Thai people had established contacts (with Pakistan) long before the Thailand-Pakistan diplomatic relations were formally established on 10 October 1951.

“For example, words such as Taxila Gandhara made their way into Thai cultural consciousness as early as Buddhism was adopted in Thailand thousand years ago.”

He added that “Thailand gives priority to fostering its long-standing, friendly and trust-based relations with Pakistan and our bilateral relations have been characterized as helping and supporting each other. Thailand remains a good friend to Pakistan, in good and bad times.” The Ambassador also said that “it is the Pakistani community in Thailand and the Thai community in Pakistan that have long contributed a lot to the strengthening and deepening of the relations between two countries, socially, culturally and economically.”

Taimoor Azmat Usman, federal secretary of Information and Broadcasting, speaking on the occasion said that “Pakistan, a country with rich cultural heritage, is eager to establish cultural relationship with international community including Thailand.”

Large number of audience gathered long before the performance started and remained seated as the colourful gleaming dresses, enchanting beats and marvelous performances of the special Thai cultural troupe mesmerized the spectators. The show started with slow paced beat but later the performers kicked in with fast paced beat to engage the audience. There were total seven performances and the show started with ‘Dance of Kinari’ presented a half bird, half woman, who portrayed liveliness with joyful gesture of flying and dancing as well as perfect rhythmical coordination.

The most amusing performance of the evening was ‘the fight of the short and long sticks’ which depicted typical martial arts of Thailand, dating back to time immemorial. Next was the ‘Fon Pang’ dance of the North of Thailand which was presented with candles. ‘Nohra and Sud Chutri’ was the combination of two separate dances accompanied by lively music of pipes and drums. The ‘Rabcam Wichanee’, the fan dance, was a lovely dance movement accompanied by sweet, lyrical music. The next two dances namely, ‘hanuman in pursuit of Suwanna Matcha’ and ‘Serng Garbo’ greatly pleased the audiences.

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