UN Corners to be established in Government Universities across Pakistan

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Swiss Aid Agency and UN will establish United Nations Corners in Government Universities to support students in research and empower young Pakistanis

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Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has announced to offer financial assistance to establish the ‘United Nations Corners’ in all Government universities across Pakistan.

Mr. Roger Kull, Deputy Head of Mission of the Swiss Embassy, said: “The United Nations Corner provides a treasure of knowledge to support students in their research work and to empower young Pakistani people for their future careers. We are proud of contributing to advancing higher education in Pakistan.”

Through the ‘UN Corners’, the students will have direct access to the useful information on the work of United Nations in Pakistan and at global level. As an innovative bookshelf, the UN Corner will serve as repository of newsletters, journals, reports, and publications released by the UN Secretariat and the agencies, funds and programmes of the UN System on national, regional and global issues.

The first UN Corner was officially unveiled today at the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology in Islamabad by Mr. Asim Iftikar Ahmad, Director General UN at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in presence of representatives from the SDC, COMSATS and the United Nations.

The UN Corner is a special bookshelf designed by students from the Faculty of Architecture of COMSATS University through a competitive process.

Dr Junaid Zaidi, Rector of COMSATS University said, “We commend the work being done by the UN in Pakistan, especially for Sustainable Development Goal on Education.” He added: “It’s the dream of all parents, rich or poor, to give the best education to their child because education means opportunities, possibilities and a brighter future. But not everyone is able to do so and this must change now.”

The UN has long recognized the role of youth in uplifting social, economic and technological sectors and has taken various initiatives to increase youth’s accessibility to the United Nations, promote stronger youth participation and increase international awareness and attention to youth issues.

“The United Nations Corner will provide Pakistani youth with an opportunity to learn about the UN System and its contribution to the development of Pakistan and the world. It will also foster cooperation between Pakistani universities and the UN System. Our gratitude goes to the SDC for their trust in young Pakistani people and in the role of the United Nations. I’d also like to thank the faculty and the students of COMSATS University for their remarkable contribution to the development of Pakistan” said Vittorio Cammarota, Director of the UN Information Centre.

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