Wooden work depicts anxiety & fear in society

Artist Imran Hunzai standing beside his striking artwork.

Imran Hunzai has used a traditional medium wood carving in an artistic way to depict the element of fear and frustration which has seeped into the society with the passage of time. The exhibition titled ‘Wooden Woes’ include 14 exquisite wooden sculptures and dust paintings by Imran Hunzai which are put on display at Rohtas art gallery, Islamabad.

Imran describes his work in poetic words ‘Kahan jayengey ye shikayat ke maarey, zaban kaanpti hai riwayaat ke marey’ (Where shall the protestors go, when the old conventions have sealed the tongue). One of the attractive wooden sculpture showcases camera lens and at the bottom of camera, Imran has used bullets instead of reel (film) that according to the artist, portrays media’s negative role that only sensitize incidents.

Artist and educationist Imran Hunzai hails from Hunza and trained as a sculptor from the National College of Arts, Lahore, in 2006 and is currently practicing and teaching at NCA, Rawalpindi Campus.

“An artist’s role is not only to create art for the sake of art but he/she must use this effective medium to contribute to the society in a positive way” said the artist, Imran Hunzai while talking to Pakistan Observer.

In one of his work, Imran has captured two mice fighting for one egg, trying to portray the power grabbing games that we witness around. In another artwork, the unity of two hand sliced like an apple and served in a dish depicts that how the strength and unity of the nation is being slashed and broken making us feeble gradually.

While a gun with cannons, with one twisted towards the one who might use this lethal weapon bear out the truth in the saying that “before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”

Another sculpture highlights a snake with his opened mouth and a poor humming bird busy in with the intention to kiss a flower but entrapped in snake’s poison, reflecting how relationships work in modern day life, which Hunzai describes as a ‘third party’ who is busy in breaking up the relationship and just like poison between two souls. This poor bird is a symbol of fear and insecurity of modern age, Hunzai explains.
Imran Hunzai said that his works on display were about woes not only about humanity but all the living species on this earth facing endangered conditions.

Hunzai said that creative media was his main source of inspiration and working along with painting, drawing and poetry, he was also drawn towards wood sculpture to initiate another unique mode of expression. The artist has displayed his work in various group and solo shows throughout the country and maintained the identity of his work with elegant craft work. The visitors termed the show as a depiction of incredible skills, ideas and execution.

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