Young Film-makers earn recognition

Published in Pakistan Observer (27 May 2011)
Sana Jamal

ISLAMABAD – The three-day short film festival concluded here in Islamabad with a vibrant ceremony in the presence of seasoned silver screen personalities and young brilliant film-makers.
‘Overcoat’, a 10-minute film, directed by Afzaal Yousaf Baig was declared the ‘Best film’ of the film fair. The film was lucky enough to win an additional award of ‘Best camerawork’ for the amazing camera skills of Afzaal Yousaf Baig and Muhammad Toqeer. The ‘Best Director’ award went to the film ‘Invasion of a Psychopath’, a 9-minute film, directed by Jamal Sohail and Arsalan Baig. A six-minute film ‘Life’ directed by Furqan Dogar received the award of ‘Best Editing.’
Creative Pakistan Film Festival was organized by Akash Media Group in collaboration with Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA). During the three-day (23–25 May) festival, twelve short films were screened which were made by amateur film-maker. Aijaz Gul, a film critic, Azhar Niaz, a seasoned producer and Jamal Shah, a veteran actor were the jury members of the film festival.

The event was widely attended by the youngsters of the twin cities as well as the celebrities of the film industry including Syed Noor, Jarar Rizvi, Shamyl Khan, Sila Hussain.

Syed Noor, a veteran film director appreciated the performances of the young artists and hoped that the new artists would support the film industry.

On the concluding day, the guest celebrities commended the efforts of young generation to revive Pakistani cinema after screening of the films.

Adnan Tasneem, the project director of Akash media said that “the young filmmakers are determined to bring a positive change in the film industry and the idea behind the film festival is to promote the young talent of the country as well as to revive the Pakistani cinema.”
Hassan Raza of PNCA lauded the efforts by organizers and assured to support the organization in future for the promotion of film industry.

The themes of the films was highly appreciated by the audiences as most of the stories were based on real life experiences and depicted reality rather than fantasy world, usually projected by cinema industry.

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