Young Pakistanis launch ‘The Re-Volt’ magazine

Published in Pakistan Observer (9 Jan. 2011)

Cover of ‘The Re-Volt magazine’.

Sana Jamal

ISLAMABAD: In the backdrop of hopelessness and distress, a group of young Pakistanis have risen to give new hope to the nation by launching a publication titled ‘The Re-Volt’ in Islamabad on Saturday.

The first of its kind magazine, run by youth on voluntarily basis was launched by ‘Pakistan First’ think-tank which aims to promote the ideology of Pakistan, the thinking of Iqbal and the legacy of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in every Pakistani.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Amaan Tareen, Director of Media of Pakistan First said that “The Re-Volt magazine endeavours to become the voice of the common Pakistani citizens.”

The chief guest of the event, Masood Sharif Khattak said “no country can dream to be a developed or civilized society unless its political system meets the demand of the people” and urged to the young listeners that “the time has come for the silent majority to step forward and raise their voices.” He hoped that the magazine would become the voice of the patriotic and motivated youth of Pakistan.

In his aspiring speech at the occasion, Faisal Awan, Senior Editor of the magazine pledged that “The Re-Volt aspires to contribute towards laying foundation of a strong Pakistani society whose core values will be honesty, justice, compassion, integrity and dignity.”

Tareen briefed the audience that Pakistan First also runs an online radio ‘Watan’ and a think tank to revive the ideology of Pakistan among young generation. Pakistan First is an independent organization, founded by Ali Khan which intends to provide opportunities and a platform for youth to voice their concerns.

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