‘Youth Drama Festival 2011’ concludes amidst zest and joy

Islamabad – At the conclusion of a 10-day ‘Youth Drama Festival-2011’ an award distribution was held here at Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) auditorium on Tuesday. The drama festival helped in promoting the hidden talent of the youngsters of the country and also provided quality entertainment for the youth of the twin cities.

Federal Urdu University students were awarded the First prize for their remarkable display of acting and direction in the play ‘Nisar Main Teri Galion Kay Aay Watan’ . The play which portrayed many of the current social and political issues in the country, also won the awards for best direction and for best production, among cheers and loud clapping of the students of the University.

The students of Quaid-e-Azam University (QAU) received the Second prize for the comedy play titled ‘Hire Fire’ and its lead actor Meher Ali Shah was acknowledged as the best actor of the drama festival. In Third place came the students of Government Post Graduate College for Women 6th Road for their mesmerizing play titled ‘Main Abhi Farigh Nahi’ and its lead actress, Aisha Iqbal was declared the best actress. The award for best script was received by students of NUST for the play ‘Shair Ka Ansoo’. The students of PNCA drama workshop were also awarded certificates.
On the concluding day of the 10-day Youth Drama Festival 2011, the auditorium was filled with youth audiences to show their support to the fellows. The audiences not only included the students of various colleges and universities also their families. All the plays of the 10-day ‘Youth Drama Festival-2011’ kept the audiences enthralled with entertaining performances while carrying a strong a message combined with bold expressions and techniques of acting, dialogue delivery and script.
Federal Minister for Culture, Pir Aftab Shah Jilani was the chief guest of the occasion. Commending the efforts of the youngsters, he vowed that the Ministry will continue to impart excellent skills of performing arts among the young generation. Amazed by the presence of large number of enthusiastic youngsters, Minister advised PNCA to continue to hold such activities which involve youth and urged them to establish an academy to teach drama skills especially and to utilize the services of renowned artists of Pakistan in this regard.
‘Paanch Kahanian’ staged by the students of Fatima Jinnah Women University (FJWU) was the last play of the ‘Youth Drama Festival-2011’ which depicted the status of women in our society by portraying the stories of five women. The acting skills of the students were remarkable however due to meagre directional skills; the play was not well-received by the audience.
Afterwards three short plays were also presented by the students of PNCA drama workshop, QAU, and Federal Urdu University which delivered a message of hope besides entertaining the audiences with hilarious acts and musical performances.
PNCA DG Tauqir Nasir, in his speech said that he was quite pleased with the huge response of the audiences proves the success of the drama festival. He said that the basic purpose of the festival was to engage youth in creative activities in order to transform the society into a prosperous one. ‘These plays represent our culture, heritage and the positive thinking of today’s youth towards a better future” he said.
The judges of the drama, Yasra Rizvi, Sabir Khan and Baatin Farooqui were pleased with the performances of the students and advised the youth to promote the national culture and heritage at all levels.
PNCA had been working on harnessing the talents of youth towards theatre since last August when they embarked on talent hunt, selecting 36 students for training in the art under the supervision of eminent producers such as Aslam Azhar and Agha Nasir.

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