YouTube takes down Hadiqa Kiani’s tribute to Kashmir

The Kashmir song was a collaboration between Hadiqa Kiani and Turkish singer Ali Tolga

In an unusual move, YouTube has taken down Hadiqa Kiani’s latest song ‘Daimi Bahar.’ The song, which literally translates into eternal spring, was sung by Hadiqa Kiani and Turkish singer Ali Tolga on the occasion of Kashmir’s Martyr’s Day as well as in the memory of failed coup in Turkey.

The singer was shocked at the development and saw it as   silencing of voices speaking about the plight of the Kashmiri people oppressed by the Indian occupation. “Our tribute to Kashmir was removed from YouTube a few hours ago,” singer posted on Instagram. “There seems to be a systematic silencing taking place but we will not be silenced because our message is of love and peace.”

The song is primarily in Turkish though there are some parts in Urdu as well. It has some gripping visuals showing the plight of the Kashmiris. Kiani said that an international rights organization Kashmir Civitas is working on getting the song back on the video platform.

The root cause of Kashmir problem

The Kashmir dispute has been the main source of tension between Pakistan and India for more than 70 years now. Based on its Muslim majority, it was naturally a part of Pakistan. The will of the people was also to join the newly established Muslim majority state. However, the ruler in Kashmir sided with the Indians. There were some constitutional benefits offered to the occupied Kashmir which have been rolled back by the current Indian government. There have also been several UN resolutions on the matter but India refuses to adhere to any of them.   

India continues to oppress Kashmiris

Millions of Kashmiri people still suffer at the hands of the Indian occupation forces. For the last several months, the people of Occupied Kashmir are unable to leave their homes. They can no longer go to offer their prayers since the entire area is under a curfew like situations. This was done by India to suppress the protests against the rollback of article 370. With this move, the Indian government has taken the first step in bringing an end to the Kashmiri identity.

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