Air University student loses leg after being hit by car in Islamabad

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A final year engineering student of Air University lost his leg after being hit by a high-speed car at 9th Avenue in Islamabad.

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A final year engineering student of Air University lost his leg after being hit by an over-speed car at 9th Avenue, Islamabad.

The student named Hassaan Iqbal was crossing the road late night while an over speed driver hit and smashed him all of a sudden. The culprit driver managed to escape.

“Air University Student Hassaan Iqbal is in serious condition. His leg has been amputated, both arms are broken, ribs dislocated and several internal injuries”, a student, Talha Javaid, shared on Facebook.

After learning about the unfortunate incident, a large number of Air University students joined hands to save his life.

Fellow students collected funds on an emergency basis to pay for his hospitalization charges. The student bodies succeeded to arrange sufficient donations for initial surgery at a private hospital. However, despite all efforts, the unfortunate accident resulted in the disability of Hassaan for entire life.

Soon after the news broke in the campus, the management of Air University also decided to support the affected student in that critical time.

The Vice Chancellor AVM (r) Faaiz Amir, while showing sympathy with the student and his family, immediately formulated three functional teams comprising high officials. The Medical Team, consisting of highly qualified doctors from Air University Fazaia Media College visited the hospital to analyze the situation from medical view point.

The Financial Team assessed the costs and resources to be deployed for the wounded student. The Security Team visited the concerned Police Station and the spot where the accident was occurred. The victim family is advised not to accept any kind of pressure from the culprit.

According to last information received, the Air University management is in contact with the family of student and taking practical steps ranging from security to the affected family to the legal assistance as well as financial support required in this regard.

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