Ali Sadpara, team officially declared dead

The trio went missing on their way to K2’s peak on February 5th and have not been located since

Missing climbers Muhammad Ali Sadpara, Iceland’s John Snorri Sigurjónsson, and Chile’s Juan Pablo Mohr Prieto were officially declared dead in a press conference in Skardu. The families of the climbers were present during the press conference.

The trio went missing on February 5 while they were climbing through a bottleneck to the peak of K2. Ali Sadpara’s son, Sajid Sadpara was also a part of the team but had to return due to issues with his oxygen regulator.

Rough weather made it difficult for the rescue activities to be carried out. SAR technology was used to scrutinize satellite imagery but it also did not bring any results. Some torn tents and pads were found in the suspected region but those did not belong to the missing climbers.

An emotional Sajid thanked everyone for their support during the tough time for his family.

“The overwhelming love and support for the national hero Ali Sadpara’ has given immense strength to me, my sister, brothers, and my mother. My family and I have lost a kindhearted person and the Pakistani nation has lost a brave and great adventurous individual who was passionate about climbing,” Sajid said.

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