Angry Islamabad citizens blame zoo, caretakers for the death of two lions

Islamabad citizens demand strict punishment for those responsible for the death of Zoo lions

Citizens of Islamabad severely criticized the zoo management, wildlife board and government officials whose “criminal negligence” resulted in the death of two beautiful lions of Islamabad Zoo.

In a shocking video, the animal caretakers lit a fire inside the lion’s cage to force it out in what may be described as an utter nonsensical act to counter the cats’ aggression. It was also reported that the lions were beaten with clubs to tame them.

The lioness died shortly after arriving in Lahore while the lion, who also received burns and inhaled smoke, died after being critically injured. The lions were transferred from the zoo following the court’s order to transfer all animals to sanctuaries due to deplorable living conditions at Islamabad Zoo.

Animal welfare campaigners reacted angrily to the deaths, branding the Zoo and its management “unethical and unprofessional”.

“Islamabad Zoo is fully responsible for this tragedy,” an animal lover from Islamabad, Aliya Amin, told Islamabad Scene.

Officials at the Ministry of Climate Change said it was unwise to shift animals during the two hot and humid months of extreme heat and humidity. “These are the worst months to shift animals because they are simply too stressed. We never recommend shifting animals in extreme temperatures.”

Reaction on social media

Shaniera Akram, Australian social worker and wife of former cricketer Wasim Akram, said “This is murder and should be treated as such”

Many netizens called for immediate shut down of Islamabad Zoo as well as all other zoos across Pakistan because of similar deplorable conditions and ill-trained staff.

Journalist Javeria Siddique said “zoos are prisons for animals” and must be shut down.

Environmentalist Imran Khalid said that zoo was ordered to be closed by the court but “the shameful act” of moving the lion out “highlights government negligence.”

Salman Javed called it “Madness at its peak in Islamabad Zoo”.

Meanwhile, Islamabad Police posted a photo of the first information report (FIR) on Twitter, saying that the police has taken notice and registered the case.

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