Asia Peace Film Festival to begin in Islamabad from Sept 18

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Asia Peace Film Festival will take place from September 18 to 20

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The first ever Pakistan edition of the Asia Peace Film Festival (APFF) will be held from September 18 to 20 at the Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA).

The viewers can enjoy as many as 113 documentaries and other films of about 15 hour from 30 countries during the three-day festival which is being supported by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and National Heritage.

The launching ceremony of the event was organized by PNCA which was attended by Marriyam Aurangzeb, the Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage. Marriyam Aurangzeb said no one else could understand the importance of peace more than us who have been fighting a war against terrorism for decades.

“We suffered a lot both economically and socially. Now we are fighting against all odds and the challenges confronting from the extremism and for the sake of our generations next” she said.

The Minister said that the first ever national film and broadcasting policy would be duplnext month that would bring several new and concrete initiatives to promote film production and screening in Pakistan.

The PNCA Director General Syed Jamal Shah said cinema is a very medium for both narrative and documentary being the most accessible and effective vehicle for promoting social change in the world. It addresses some very important social and cultural issues besides proving entertainment at the same time.

The DG said that the APFF would pave a path for the global communication for peace, originating from Pakistan to help develop a harmonized narrative for the region.

Amjad Bhatti, the chief executive of the festival, said the selected films of APFF-Pakistan Edition would be screened first at the Festival on 18-19-20 September 2017 in Islamabad. In the second phase, the films would be shown in other festivals hosted in partner countries and lastly in the 30 Universities of Pakistan’s four provinces including Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir and fourth in several press clubs in Pakistan.

The finalists of APFF-Pakistan Edition would be celebrated with National Awards from the Government of Pakistan. The finalist films would be screened as a part of learning curriculum and case studies at the media and communication departments of universities as well as at the press clubs across Asia.

APFF would maintain a YouTube channel for a wider dissemination of selected and awarded films. APFF would create an endowment fund to establish Asia Peace Film Academy (APFA) in the long run.

APFF also pans to design and conduct short courses on ‘film for peace’ engaging Asian universities, press clubs and media academies. APFF would design and conduct annual editions of the festival on co-host basis engaging yearly with a new country of Asian region.

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