Chaos in the capital: Islamabad citizens criticize city administration for lockdown

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Islamabad citizens took to social media to criticize city administration for disrupting their lives as religious party continue protest

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A few hundred supporters of religious parties have brought the capital of Pakistan to a standstill, paralyzing lives of millions of Islamabad and Rawalpindi citizens.

The rally which entered in Islamabad from Lahore on Wednesday has entered its third day on Friday, shutting down public transport and blocking major arteries of the city.

Protestors belong to Tehreek-i-Labaik Yah Rasool Allah (TYL) party which is demanding the removal of the country’s law minister over a recently omitted reference to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in a constitutional bill. Although the recent modification in the Khatam-e-Nabuwat clause has been withdrawn but the group is keen that punish those responsible for changes in the bill.

The protest prompted the Islamabad police to set up containers on the major roads of the city to prevent demonstrators. The sudden closure led to huge traffic jams on Kashmir Highway, IJP Road, 9th Avenue, and Stadium Road in Rawalpindi.

However, these blockades led to the worst traffic jam witnessed in the twin cities especially on Faizabad crossing — one of the major roads which connect Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The daily commuters of the twin cities were stranded on roads for hours during last two days.

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Islamabad citizens criticize city administration for disrupting lives

The angry citizens blame the government and law-enforcing agencies for the chaos in the capital.

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The government was blamed for its incompetence and indifference to the chaotic situation in the capital.

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[dt_gap height=”10″ /] The media blackout of the rally added to the problems as many people were not informed about the situation on roads. Many turned to social media for updates in chaos.

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Cleric booked for ‘unintentional murder’ of infant in Islamabad

Meanwhile, the news of the death of a child after getting stuck in traffic jam added fuel to the fire. The eight-month-old child’s family was not able to reach the hospital on time because of roadblocks put in place due to the religious party rally which claimed the life of the child. The brave and grieving father registered a First Investigation Report (FIR) on Thursday against Khadim Rizvi, leader of Tehreek Labaik Ya Rasool Allah (TLY).

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As the protest has entered its third day on Friday, the citizens are perplexed and speculating about the outcome of the protests.

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