Dutch Ambassador visits Bhamala Stupa, enjoys oranges of Khanpur

Dutch Ambassador Wouter Plomp visits Khanpur, praised Pakistan for conserving cultural, archaeological sites

Netherlands Ambassador Mr. Wouter Plomp, during his visit to Khanpur, visited the historic Bhamala Stupa and also enjoyed the famous oranges of Khanpur fresh from the farm which he called “the juiciest in the world”.

Mr Plomp was on a private visit to Khanpur with his wife Henriette Plomp and other family members, on the invitation of Raja Shahab Sikandar, the grandson of the former caretaker chief minister and federal minister late Raja Sikandar Zaman.

He visited the Nikra Bungalow residence of the veteran politician and also the orange orchards where he was served special Khanpuri red blood oranges.

Khanpur, he said, housed a number of cultural heritage sites of different faiths and is home to the ancient civilization – attractions that could help promote tourism.

The Netherlands diplomat also visited Bhamala Buddhist Complex and appreciated the efforts of Pakistani authorities for the conservation of Buddhist sites.

The Dutch Ambassador said that Pakistan has immense tourism potential to attract tourists from across the globe. He also praised the country for conserving its cultural and religious archaeological sites.

“Pakistan is home to a number of cultural heritages of other faiths and countries along with eye-catching picturesque valleys,” he said during his visit to Khanpur.

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