Embassy of Japan donates Jasmine trees to Japanese Park in Islamabad

20 Jasmine trees planted at the Japanese Park – a symbol of friendship between Japan and Pakistan

The Embassy of Japan is Islamabad has donated 20 Jasmine trees to Japanese Park in Islamabad on 10 November to support Prime Minister Imran Khan’s initiative, ’Clean-Green Pakistan’.

Ambassador of Japan to Pakistan, Matsuda Kuninori, along with the State Minister for Climate Change, Ms. Zartaj Gul planted Jasmine trees at the Park during a ceremony attended by Naveed Tareen Khan, Director General Environment, Capital Development Authority.

“Many local residents enjoy visiting this park which has became a symbol of friendship between Japan and Pakistan’” the Ambassador remarked.

The park opened in 1985 after the then Japanese Prime Minister Nakasone visited Pakistan and donated playground equipment for the children of Pakistan as a gift from the children of Japan. In 2015 again, Japan refurbished the equipment to restore the park’s beauty and attract visitors.

When bamboo trees at the park had fallen due to the heavy monsoon rain this summer, the Japanese Ambassador rehabilitated the garden by donating new trees to the park.

In order to make the park clean and beautiful, “tree planting at the Japanese Park is a small contribution by the Embassy towards a Clean-Green Pakistan initiative of PM Khan”, said the Ambassador.

He also mentioned that the Embassy had planted trees at its compound last November to contribute to a clean and green Pakistan.

On this occasion, the Minister for Climate Chnage and the Ambassador exchanged views on the importance of technical cooperation on the issue of climate change, especially referring to the area of next-generation solar cells, carbon recycling and electric vehicles.

Nuxhat Khurshidhttps://islamabadscene.com
Nuxhat Khurshid is a passionate writer, reader and documentary-maker. She mostly writes on environment, climate change and development issues for Islamabad Scene.

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