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German artist’s generous approach to help flood victims

Pakistan looks more beautiful as portrayed in the artwork of a German artist who has never been in the country yet has used simple means i.e. pen and ink to depict the architecture of Pakistan. This elegant work of Ute Elpers, a veteran artist, offer dual support for Pakistanis; firstly the art display major landmarks of Pakistan such as Minar-e-Pakistan, Badshahi Mosque, Uch Sharif, Wazir Khan Mosque, allowing us to appreciate our magnificent architecture and secondly all the proceedings from the sale of art is expected to be donated to the flood victims.


Folker Flasse, President of Humanity Care Stiftung (HCS) formally announced the donation of the art works of the famous German artist on Saturday, at the premises of Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) which has well displayed all the 22 enchanting pen and ink drawings portraying.

72 years old Mrs. Elpers is one of the famous German porcelain painters and pen-and-ink artists whose her drawings (displayed at PNCA) are unique and beautiful but what is remarkable is that “she donated her work to collect money for humanitarian work in Pakistan” told Mr. Flasse while briefing the guests.

“When she was informed about the work of HCS in Pakistan, she wanted to contribute to the noble activities of the foundation in her own way” and later, “she decided to create drawings of famous buildings of Pakistan” and as patterns, she used postcards, photos, and leaflets, he added.

Ute’s first exhibition was opened in Germany in Dec. 2005, followed by shows in Spain and Pakistan. “As pen and ink demands full attention to detail and artistic ability, I find Ute’s work simply beautiful” remarked Shehnaz Akram, an artist

HCS is the “the only humanitarian organization working in Pakistan which has installed over a hundred water-purification equipment in Pakistan in the flood-affected areas” and has also been awarded Sitara e Imtiaz by the Government of Pakistan for their services to humanity. HCS was founded with the aim to support the deprived people of Pakistan and has built many hospitals, clinics, and schools all over Pakistan, informed Mr. Flasse while talking to Pakistan Observer.
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