Role of Investigative Journalism discussed

Sana Jamal

Islamabad – A proper investigative report can help increase awareness among the masses about the ills of the society, and at the same time it can portray the correct image of the nation to the outside world. To promote the culture of investigative journalism in Pakistan, a group discussion was held in Islamabad by Individual-land Pakistan, a nonprofit organization.

Journalists of print and electronic media participated in the discussion and raised their concerns regarding the unavailability of resources to carry out investigative reporting. Most participants agreed that pressure of filing certain number of stories on daily basis in limited time and resources are the major constraints for most of the reporters. They suggested that media managers should encourage the field reporters.

Zaigham Khan, the guest speaker defined an investigative reporter as “the one who rise beyond the ordinary men to bring out an inside story with exclusive data.”

Azaz Syed, an investigative reporter said that “filing table-story without any field work has become the norm in our newsrooms which has greatly affected the state of investigative journalism in Pakistan.”

While, Terence Sigamony, an analytical reporter  pointed out that “there is less original investigative reporting in Pakistan”. He added that of in-depth reporting of social issues on regular basis can help eradicate the social ills.

The main objective of the workshop was to gather facts and figures relating to investigative journalism in the country. The discussion was moderated by Yahya Ahmed, supported by Shaukat Ali Ashraf.

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