Islamabad gets electronic vehicle charging stations

EV charging stations are part of making Pakistan a more environmentally friendly country

Islamabad will be getting electronic vehicle (EV) charging stations soon, according to the Minister of Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry. The stations, which will be located on the Jinnah Avenue, are part of the government’s campaign to go green.

The minister called the stations first of their kind in the federal capital, although, one such station does exist in the posh Kohsar Market installed by automaker BMW. There are similar stations available in Lahore and Karachi.

For now, these stations will be available for light and heavy commercial vehicles. The availability of these for personally owned cars is in the works but the relevant authorities have given no timeline for them. The first EV policy of the country was approved last month by the federal government.

“The opening of EV charging stations was another target of Ministry of Science and Technology to encourage E vehicles as future transportation,” Chaudhry said. The minister further added that there is an open invitation for the electric automakers to erect their plants in Pakistan with just 1% duty for such establishments. “Ministry of Science and Technology is working on a policy to shift vehicles on battery in the future.” he added.

Green for Future

Pakistan is considered amongst the top 10 most affected countries by the ongoing climate change. Being primarily an agrarian economy, climate change can have devastating effects for the country. The government has taken a number of steps to counter the climate change. These include plantation of one billion trees in KPK province over the last few years. The government is also planning on planting ten billion trees across the country to help reduce the carbon footprint in the country. Use of renewable energy is also currently a major policy matter.

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