Islamabad Parks wants you to help improve the capital’s parks

You can tweet pictures, tagging Islamabad Parks and using #IslamabadParks

Islamabad Parks, a group supporting the maintenance and improvement of parks in the federal capital, has asked Islamabad’s residents to send in snaps of any issues with suggestions for improvements. Parks an important part of our everyday lives, especially for the growing children. The young charges can learn a lot as they play and also improve their levels of fitness for the longer term.

All the residents needs to do is to take a picture of any issues that they notice and upload it. They group requested that they be tagged in these tweets and hashtag #IslamabadParks is used. Awareness campaigns like these can mobilize the masses and also get the attention of the relevant authorities to fix any issues.

Parks in Islamabad

There are hundreds of small and large parks in Islamabad. Under the master plan from CDA, each sector has multiple small parks. There are botanical gardens, and playgrounds as well. The large parks are a few in number and are often crowded with families and fitness buffs. The maintenance of these parks has been an issue for some time and greater attention is needed. More attractions should also be added, especially for children, to encourage them to be more active and energetic.

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