Islamabad Police rescues two Hungarian diplomats lost in Margalla Hills

The diplomats were trekking on trail 6 and lost their way

Islamabad Police found two Hungarian diplomats in the Margalla Hills after they lost their way in the hills. The embassy reached out to the police at nine in the evening after the two did not comeback. They left for Trail 6 at seven in the morning.

The search operation concluded in a couple of hours. The embassy personnel included a second secretary and a female attaché. The Inspector-General of Islamabad appreciated the efforts of the local police in finding the missing diplomats.

Picturesque trails in Margalla Hills

Margalla Hills National Park is a sheer joy for nature lovers. The park is at the foothills of the Himalaya and has a number of water streams and natural waterfalls. There are also several trekking trails that lead to different mountain tops. It is a major attraction for both local residents, tourists, and diplomats alike. The parks also house a variety of animals including tigers. It was recently discovered that there are two families of common leopards in the hills as well. However, sightings of larger wild cats are rare as they live deeper into the mountains, and to date, none of the trekkers have come face to face with them.    

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