Friday, September 22, 2023

Islamabad police to get Air Patrolling Unit soon

Islamabad Capital Territory will soon have Air Patrolling Unit established to ensure foolproof safety of the citizens of Islamabad, Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed announced on Monday.

Addressing a news conference, the interior minister revealed that 12 drone cameras have already been purchased. The air patrolling unit will be launched this week.

Sheikh Rashid further said that the government is also buying two new locators for the capital police. Islamabad police did not have a single locator over the past few years. The police used to borrow locators for tracking the criminals.

Statistics of the Capital Police force:

The Interior Minister also revealed that around 1,000 personnel are also being inducted in the capital police to overcome the manpower shortage. According to the data shared by the interior ministry last month, Islamabad Police has a total strength of 12,515, which includes;

  • 41 deputy superintendents of police
  • 9 assistant superintendents of police
  • 20 superintendents of police
  • 12 senior superintendents of police
  • 5 deputy inspector generals
  • 1 inspector general
  • 8,147 constables
  • 1,568 head constables
  • 1,142 assistant sub-inspectors
  • 514 sub-inspectors
  • 173 inspectors

Air Patrolling unit to work in collaboration with safe city cameras

Officials of the capital police said that the Air Patrolling Unit would work in collaboration with Safe City Project Islamabad, adding that safe city cameras are being installed.

The capital police officials added that the unit, whose blueprints are being prepared, would mostly patrol the urban areas of capital along which safety cameras will be installed for security purposes. These surveillance drones cover an area of approximately 1 kilometer or more to keep an eye on the accused.
The unit will mount surveillance in areas vulnerable to crime against property, including burglaries, robberies, snatching, street crimes, and auto theft, they said.

Other noticeable actions taken by the government:

At the news conference, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed also mentioned other significant measures taken by the government on other matters.

  • Prime Minister has issued directions on Naula Lai’s construction work
  • Crackdown against those involved in issuing Corona fake vaccination certificates
  • A food street is being constructed in Art and Craft Village Shakarparian.
  • Citizens able to get passports on an immediate basis within 24 hours after fixing of the fee issues.
  • Online visa system for Afghanistan replacing on-arrival visas would be started within three weeks along with waive off eight dollar fees to facilitate the people.
  • policy to extend CNIC facilities for far-flung areas of Skardu is being planned
  • a new College for Satellite Town Rawalpindi has been approved

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