Japanese Embassy, IICR host “Knowing Japan” webinar for Pakistanis

The deputy head of the Japanese mission shed light on the various aspects of his country

The Japanese Embassy in Islamabad partnered with the Islamabad Institute of Conflict Resolution (IICR) to create awareness about the Asian tech hub. The webinar, which spanned over a period of five days, was attended by a large number of Pakistanis.

Embassy of Japan in Pakistan Deputy Head of Mission, Mr. Shindo Yusuke, presented his lectures during this first-ever webinar series titled “Knowing Japan” that included the topics Japan – its people, society and tradition, education in Japan-key to Japan’s development, secrets of Japan’s economic development, Japanese culture and Japan-Pakistan relationship.

Old Friends

Pakistan and Japan have always maintained cordial relations. The trade exchanges between the two countries are almost as old as the creation of Pakistan. Formal diplomatic relations were established in 1952. Pakistan and Japan have remained cordial though the extent of trade and financial relations have varied in different eras.

Understanding Japan

The lectures shed light on Japan’s rich background and its age-old traditions and culture values. There was also a detailed discussion about the education system in Japan, the real force behind Japan’s economic development. Mr. Shindo also discussed the current level of Japan-Pakistan bilateral relations. He noted that Japan-Pakistan bilateral relations are based on mutual respect, cooperation, and shared interests and these relations are growing further in multi-dimensions.

The participants of the week-long lecture series raised many thought-provoking questions during the question-answer sessions and deliberated upon the modern day Japan and its achievements. Mr. Shindo appreciated the interest shown by the participants in Japan and their exchange of views on crucial issues.

The webinar was an effort by the Embassy to continue its mission to promote Japan and its culture and values during this difficult time under COVID-19. The Embassy plans to continue hosting webinars in different areas of interest for Pakistanis in future.

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