Pakistan elite forces shot dead all terrorists within 8 minutes

Pakistan’s security forces eliminated all terrorists within 8 minutes & business was back to normal within 35 minutes at Karachi Stock Exchange

This is the story of eight minutes of bravery, valor and resilience. Eight minutes in which Pakistani security forces eliminated all four terrorists. Eight minutes that saved hundreds of lives.

“The attackers arrived at the scene in a car at 10:02 am and they were killed by security forces by 10:10 am” and business was back to normal at Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) within 35 minutes, said Sindh Rangers Director General Omer Ahmed Bukhari.

BLA terrorists attacked the stock exchange building, firing and hurling hand grenades, killing four people including a policeman but it took Pakistan’s elite police officers only eight minutes to kill all terrorists.

All the attackers were equipped with AK47s, hand grenades and food. “The terrorists had planned a long assault, that included slaughter and keeping hostages inside the building” Maj Gen Bokhari told media.

The security operation “was a combined effort with rangers, police and stock exchange security guards,” he said.

Police officer shot terrorist before he could act

Mohammad Rafiq, a member of Sindh Police’s rapid response force, narrated how he conducted the operation.

“I shot one of them dead… Then the second guy took out a grenade when he saw me. I shot him twice in his hand and his weapon fell down. I then shot him in the head as he tried to pull out the grenade pin.”

His video was widely shared online as people termed him “a real hero.”

Is Indian spy agency RAW behind Karachi attack?

“This terrorist incident could not have taken place without [the help of an] outside agency. And among them, RAW’s frustration is quite visible” he said.

There is a possibility of the involvement of foreign agencies, especially India’s Research and Analysis Wing, cannot be ruled out, as such attacks are not “stand-alone incidents” and cannot take place without the aid of “outside intelligence agencies”.

In response to a question, the DG said that the attack had similarities to an attack on the Chinese consulate in Karachi that was carried out by global terrorist organization Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) militants in 2018.

Terrorists failed

Karachi police chief Ghulam Nabi Memon claimed the police response “a victory for the country and its security forces who promptly thwarted the attack.”

PSX Board Chairman Sulaiman S. Mehdi said the “trading didn’t close even for a minute” which demonstrated the speedy and swift response of police.

Business continued as usual at the stock exchange soon after the attack. “Trading is smooth and continuing. PSX benchmark index one of the Best Performers in Asia today so far,” Mohammed Sohail, a broker at the exchange, tweeted.

Pakistan has launched “an investigation and will reach the [terrorists] masterminds very soon,” interior minister Ijaz Ahmad Shah said after the attack.

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