Pakistan set to launch its first national security policy document

The proposed draft would be the first document outlining challenges and opportunities facing Pakistan in years to come – NSA

National Security Advisor Dr. Moeed Yusuf has briefed the parliamentarians on the national security policy which would now be sent to the cabinet for approval. When approved, it will be Pakistan’s first national security policy document.

The NSA explained that the policy draft is designed to leverage the symbiotic relationship between human security, economic security, and military security adding that the economic wellbeing and safety of citizens are at the core priorities of the proposed security policy.

Consultation process

Dr. Moeed told the lawmakers that the policy was drafted after consultations with stakeholders – including provincial government and the governments of Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Jammu and Kashmir – for the last seven years. The formulation of the National Security Policy was initiated after the National Security Division was established in 2014. A drafting committee established in 2018 built on the earlier work to finalize the draft.

To make sure the policy process is inclusive, more than 600 academics, analysts, civil society members, and students from all over Pakistan were also consulted while formulating the draft, informed the NSA.

The policy will be reviewed annually

Moeed Yusuf expects the policy will be a dynamic document that will be “reviewed each year and on the transition of government to help keep the National Security Policy abreast with policy priorities in a fast-changing global environment,” the office of the national security adviser said in a statement.

Concluding his briefing, the NSA said that once finalized, the National Security Policy would be the first-ever document in the history of Pakistan that outlines the challenges and opportunities facing the country in the coming years.

The participants of the meeting endorsed the National Security Division’s efforts in this regard and hoped that the policy would lead to an even more secure and prosperous Pakistan at a time when the country is facing a multitude of external as well as internal challenges.

The meeting was attended by Federal Ministers, Leader of the House-Senate, Members of the National Assembly & Senate, Senior Officers of the National Security, Defence, Foreign Affairs and Interior Divisions.

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