Pakistan’s new animated series ‘Planet Champs’ inspires youth to become climate action superheroes

A new animated TV series titled ‘Planet Champs’, featuring teenage superheroes saving the Earth from villains that pollute the environment is captivating audiences with its thrilling storyline and powerful environmental message.

Created, directed, and produced by pop star Haroon, is captivating audiences with its thrilling storyline and powerful environmental message. The production company, Unicorn Black, is known globally for its award-winning animation and worldwide impact.

Teenage Superheroes Saving the Earth

‘Planet Champs’ revolves around the adventures of teenage superheroes who dedicate themselves to protecting the Earth from villains that pollute the environment. The series combines action, comedy, and adventure while delivering important environmental messages, mainly targeting the youth.

The protagonists of the series, siblings Shanzay and Shazil, are members of the Planet Champs Club (PCC), an environmental society. During a clean-up drive, they discover an ancient book called the ‘Book of Earth’ and two amulets that grant them superpowers. Alongside their fellow PCC members, Quantum and the robot Ruby Robot, they combat villains who harm the environment while raising awareness about pressing environmental challenges such as energy conservation, renewable energy, global warming, tree plantation, and clean-up drives.

A scene from episode 1 of ‘Planet Champs’. (Image Credit: Unicorn Black)

Pakistani Celebrities Join Forces for Environmental Awareness

Renowned Pakistani pop star Haroon took on the project as the writer and director of ‘Planet Champs’, driven by his desire to create entertaining stories that have a positive impact on Pakistani youth. The show also features the support of several other Pakistani celebrities who are passionate about raising awareness for environmental issues.

At the series launch event, Haroon expressed his personal connection to the environment and the need to address climate change issues. The show aims to engage children and make them honorary members of the Planet Champs Club, empowering them to champion environmental causes.

Star-Studded Cast and Global Relevance

The star-studded cast includes popular actors Ahmed Ali Akbar and Hania Aamir as the superhero siblings Shanzay and Shazil, alongside acclaimed actor Zahid Ahmed as the main villain named Pollutio. The series raises awareness about pressing environmental issues in Pakistan, a country heavily affected by air pollution and climate change.

Aiming for Global Reach

With 10 episodes scheduled to air on PTV starting from June 10, ‘Planet Champs’ aims to expand its viewership beyond Pakistan, following the success of “Burka Avenger.” The series has the potential to make a generational impact by inspiring youth worldwide to become environmental advocates.

Available on Multiple Platforms

Fans can watch new episodes of ‘Planet Champs’ every two weeks on Unicorn Black’s YouTube channel, with the first episode already available online. The show’s creators have plans to launch it on multiple TV channels in Pakistan and extend its reach to other countries, similar to the success achieved. The show airs every Saturday at 5:30 pm on PTV.

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