PM Imran Khan has sweet ambitions with the launch of ‘billion tree honey’

The program aims to boost honey production in the country by nearly 10 times and boost revenue and jobs   

Prime Minister Imran Khan launched the “billion tree honey” project under the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Programme (TBTTP). The initiative aims at producing 70,000 metric tons of different kinds of honey, which will add around 40 billion rupees and 87,000 green jobs to the economy.

The prime minister said that there would be 12 different zones in areas with different climatic conditions, allowing variations in the honey produced. “We have 12 climatic zones, which is unique; 12 different zones mean 12 different habitats so that we can make honey of different varieties,” Khan said. He also added that avocado could be grown in Pakistan along with olives, which can be exported.  

Official plans

An official statement on the plan has a complete analysis conducted for honey production to devise a mechanism for encouraging bee flora, and improving the quality of honey production, which will provide a livelihood to the beekeepers and sustain the activity through the provision of financial resources.

“It is estimated that about 10,000 beekeepers are using 300,000 colonies for producing 7,500 metric tons of honey annually,” the statement said.

The report added that there are opportunities to boost the production to 70,000 metric tons of honey from the same harvest using modern beekeeping gears, training on the latest techniques, standardization and certification of the product and intensive marketing.

“It is anticipated that marketing of 70,000 metric tons of honey will generate an income of about Rs35-43 billion in the national economy and provide about 87,000 green jobs,” the statement read.

A workable plan

The plan can work and help Pakistan more than just create jobs and revenue. It will also help preserve the many plant and animal species and keep the climate clean in different country regions. Pakistan is expected to be the 7th most affected country by global warming, and adding greenery can help counter some of the ill effects of global warming.

Nuxhat Khurshid
Nuxhat Khurshid is a passionate writer, reader and documentary-maker. She mostly writes on environment, climate change and development issues for Islamabad Scene.

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