Speed Climbing Wall launched at Pakistan Sports Complex

Rock Climbing Wall inaugurated in Islamabad to promote adventure sports

To promote adventure sports and keep the youth of Islamabad city engaged in healthy activities, a speed climbing wall has been inaugurated in the capital city.

Speed climbing is one of the physically challenging and mentally demanding sports that often tests a climber’s strength, endurance, agility, and mental control.

Federal Minister for Inter-Provincial Coordination (IPC) Riaz Pirzada inaugurated Speed Climbing Wall in the vicinity of Sports Complex in Islamabad.

Federal Minister Riaz Pirzada during the inaugural ceremony said that by the addition of this new facility in sports world introduced the adventure activities and made efforts to promote adventure sports in the country.

Riaz Pirzada congratulated the Alpine Club of Pakistan and Pakistan Sports Board on the completion of climbing wall and hoped club further enhanced the adventure activities and made efforts to promote adventure sports in the country.

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Speed Climbing Wall launched in Islamabad

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Federal Minister assured that the IPC ministry and Pakistan Sports Board will fully cooperate for the promotion of climbing in the country. “I hope Alpine Club of Pakistan will also play its role in the promotion of the game and earn a good name for the country by participating in international competition.

Although, Pakistan is endowed with hills and mountain ranges, where one can start learning the art of Rock Climbing as a beginner or can test his / her skills as a professional rock climber; however it is not popular sport at any level. Competition speed climbing as governed by the International Federation of Sports Climbing takes place on 15m artificial walls in the world.

Since 2007 the IFSC has created a standard wall for the world record. The holds and order are always identical, and the difficulty rating is around F6b, which is a level most recreational climbers could complete.

Climbing enthusiasts such as Nazir Ahmed, who runs the Eco Adventure Club in Islamabad and usually organized the day at the climbing wall for its young members, says there is growing interest in rock and mountain climbing.

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