WhatsApp launches digital payment service to catch up on WeChat

WhatsApp launches digital payments in Brazil after testing in India

After months of testing, WhatsApp has finally announced the launch of on payments in its app.

The feature will allow users to send money securely or make a purchase from a local business without leaving their chat via Facebook Pay.

Initially, the service has been launched in Brazil after testing a beta version in India, the Facebook-owned messaging service said in a blog post.

Sending money or making a purchase on WhatsApp is free for people and businesses will pay a processing fee to receive customer payments.

“We have built payments with security in mind and a special six-digit PIN or fingerprint will be required to prevent unauthorized transactions” the statement said.

“Payments on WhatsApp are beginning to roll out to people across Brazil beginning today and we look forward to bringing it to everyone as we go forward,” the company said.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp for $19 billion in 2014. WhatsApp, the most popular messaging app, has 2 billion users across the world.

Some have compared the WhatsApp’s recent move to become a super-app like the popular Chinese messaging app, WeChat. Some reports suggested that WeChat could be a blueprint for Facebook’s future.

Since its launch in 2011, WeChat has evolved from a messaging app to an all-encompassing app that has become an integrated part of life in China. More than 1 billion users of WeChat use it for almost everything such as paying bills, transferring money, contacting friends, buying groceries, hail a ride, book a doctor’s appointment, shopping, marketing, investing in the stock market and much more.

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