Bank employee arrested for sexual harassment in Islamabad

The accused was also fired after a video showing his inappropriate physical contact with a female went viral

A bank employee in Islamabad was arrested by the police after a video of him coming in inappropriate contact with a subordinate went viral. The employee, who was fired by the bank as well, is facing sexual harassment charges. The news of the arrest was announced from DIG Islamabad’s Twitter handle.

Faysal Bank, the former employer of the accused, also released a statement about the event. The bank condemned the incident and said that such actions were against the ethical norms the bank stands for. The statement also said that the employee was terminated as per the HR policies of the bank. The bank also clarified that the accused was an employee but not a manager.

Harassment at workplace remains a major issue

Harassment of all kinds at the workplace is an unfortunate reality. Female staff members are especially the target of sexual harassment. The problem is prevalent in most parts of the world though it is especially present in developing countries where there are fewer women doing jobs and even lesser are a part of the management teams.

Need for stricter laws

There is a need for stricter laws to punish the harassers. It is also imperative that the reporting process is made easier and more confidential. There should never be a risk of blowback for someone who blew the whistle on a culprit. Punishments such as termination and in more severe cases, jail sentences can help deter the harassers. At the same time, educating all employees about the policies as well as the importance of respecting the coworkers can help.  

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